Ex Dating Someone New?

What To Do If Your Ex Has Found Someone New

Being 'Replaced' Really Sucks

There's not many feelings that can compare to the wave of emotions you're likely to experience upon learning your ex is seeing someone new just a few days or weeks after you broke up. It's a very painful thought, and one that can turn the strongest men into sobbing wrecks. But, while it may seem absolutely terrible right now, things aren't actually as bad as they seem.

And regardless of how painful it might be to know your ex is dating someone new, you absolutely should not say or do anything right now. If you try to ask your ex about this new person, you're almost certainly going to cause irreversible damage to your chances of getting them back. If you try to somehow sabatoge their relationsip, you're really killing all hope of ever winning your ex back. So, for the time being, just take this one on the chin and try to accept it as an unfortunate reality for now.

It's Just A Rebound Relationship!

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The number one reason you shouldn't be overly concerned that your ex is dating someone new is that this is almost certainly a rebound 'fling' for your ex. He or she hasn't fallen madly in love with someone new, and you haven't been 'replaced' in your ex's mind. It's just a rebound.

A rebound is a way for your ex to take his or her mind off the pain of your breakup while avoiding the loneliness that comes with the single life. Most rebound relationships are over in 3-5 weeks, and your ex's rebound will likely be equally short-lived.

Keep in mind that a rebound is not a romantic, love-based relationship. Since your ex found this new person in a very short time after you broke up, the chances of long-term compatibility between the two of them are minimal. And as I'll explain below, that's good news for you.

Advantages Of Your Ex's Rebound

Having trouble seeing why this new person in your ex's life is actually going to help your chances of getting them back? That's understandable. But here's the thing: when your ex does come to realize that this rebound isn't going to work in the long term.... and that this new person is actually not so great after all... you can swoop in to provide your ex an alternate option to being alone.

Because your ex never really had a chance to be alone and go through the post-breakup blues, he or she will have to face the reality of being single and alone once the rebound relationship comes to an end. Conveniently, your 'no contact' phase will likely be ending around the same time, giving you an opportunity to reach out to your ex just as he or she is experiencing the heartache and loneliness that follow a breakup.

Assuming you play your cards correctly, you'll be able to present yourself as: a) a better option than the guy or girl your ex was dating as a rebound and; b) a way for your ex to escape the pain of the breakup. So when your ex does stop dating Mr./Ms. Rebound, be ready to pounce.

What If It's More Than A Rebound?

If you suspect that your ex has found someone to replace you, and that this new person is not just a rebound (unlikely, but still possible), you'll need some expert guidance to win them back. Click here to watch the free video presentation from breakup expert Brad Browning... in the video he talks about some psychological techniques you can use to pry your ex back from their new-found partner.